Carbon Fiber Smart Phone Stylus
Who uses paper anymore? Nowadays, people write messages, calendar entries, and reminder notes on their smartphones. Modern day smartphones and iPads use friction-sensitive screens that recognize the touch of fingers, and a smartphone stylus uses a soft rubber tip to simulate that touch. With a stylus, it is much easier and far more accurate to write on a touch screen or to input a command into the phone.

The body of AUTOArt’s hand-finished smartphone stylus is made of a genuine vacuum-cured carbon fiber, or the same strong, durable, and lightweight material used in modern day Formula One cars. The cylinder of the stylus is 4.9 cm (1.93”) long, but by pulling the tip, the body will extend a further 2.6 cm (1”), which makes the stylus ergonomically easier to grip for writing.

The internal structure of the stylus is made of polished aluminum, and it stays attached to your phone and within easy reach thanks to a lasso cord with a plastic plug that inserts into the earphone jack of any phone. The plug securely anchors the stylus to your phone, though it can also be unplugged easily by simply pulling the plug out of your earphone jack.

The genuine woven carbon-fiber body is clear coated with a glossy layer that gives it a unique light reflection as it plays across the texture of the carbon fiber. Weighing only 3.6 grams (or 1/8th of an ounce), the stylus is a light and handy compliment to any smartphone or palmtop computer PDA, such as an iPad.

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