Brake Disc Buttons (Product No. 45702, 45703)

AUTOart has introduced two sizes of buttons for the discriminating car enthusiast evoking a high-performance brake disc to fit your jackets, outfits or shirts.

The brake-disc buttons are made of exquisitely die-cast and chrome-plated metal, the rotor surface is fitted with stainless-steel, photo-etched plates that have perfectly flat and smooth surfaces that are patterned with perforated ventilation holes and hand-brushed with the hairline texture simulating the braking effect, all to recreate the high-performance brake discs of the world’s finest motorcars.

The large size button measures 21mm (0.83”) in diameter and 4mm (0.16”) disc thickness. A set contains 3 pieces. Each piece weights 9 gm (0.32oz). Article No. 45702.

The small size button measures 13mm (0.5”) in diameter and 2.7mm (0.1”) disc thickness. A set contains 8 pieces. Each piece weight 3 gm (0.1oz). Article No. 45703.

Packed on a carbon-fiber-texture platform inside a handsome black storage box, the AUTOart brake-disc button is a perfect gift for any petrolhead.